In product, your engineering team is not simply a means to an end.

They are your eyes and ears. Your gateway into understanding the health of your product.

You can’t manage every single technical aspect of your product.

Don’t even try.

You need to instead be relying on your team.

You need your engineers to not only oversee everything that’s happening within your product — all the moving parts —

You also need them to feel comfortable with communicating what’s going well and what’s going wrong to you.

As someone in product, you’re not there to tell the engineers what to do. You’re there to share what vision has been established for the company and what part you and them will play in that vision.

How that’s technically delivered is up to engineering.

In product, you’re a partner to your engineers.

Not their manager.



Jason Cheung

I write for lonely creators - people like myself who are trying to create something of their own and feel isolated in the process.