A product market fit lesson

80 users.

That’s how many users Burbn had at its peak.

Even though the app had close to 100 true fans, the one telltale sign that Burbn was not on track to product market fit was minuscule conversion.

For users, the app was far too complicated and did too much.

With Instagram, 25,000 users showed up the first day.

So what changed?

First, Systrom recognized that Burbn was…

Founder stories always seem to follow a narrative arc.

First this happened, then this, followed by this. There’s not really much talk about periods when nothing really seems to happen. That’s:

Hard Truth #1 — There’s a lot of wait and see in the startup building process

Photo of a red traffic light.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Chances are you’re the type of person who likes to get things done…

Features are not ends in themselves, but a means to an end.

You have two tools.

One is an ordinary hammer.

Nothing fancy, just a hammer.

An ordinary hammer.

The other is a beautifully carved wooden mallet.

Polished with great finishing. Made from fine wood.

Why few coffee chats lead to referrals and what you can do about it

We’ve all been there — hat in hand and fresh out of college, we reach out to alums from our school hoping to land our first entry level position.

First step — the proverbial coffee chat. …

More is not always better

Piky launched as an app showing you a map of restaurant recommendations, some given by people from my subreddit and others from popular IG foodies.

You can’t do much on Piky. You can’t make an account. You can’t post. You can’t like restaurants or bookmark them. All it does is…

Why resourcefulness matters in a technical cofounder and how to look for it.

This article is for non-technical solo founders who want to understand what to look for in a technical cofounder.

A laptop on a desk with code displayed onscreen. There is a lamp next to the laptop.

I used to value coding ability above all else and made it my aim to find someone who could work countless hours to build my app from scratch.

I now know…

Coding skills aren’t as important as you think

Software engineer staring code displayed on a computer screen.

This article is for people who are trying to find a technical founder but aren’t sure about how to find one or how to vet the people they find.

Technical co-founders are hard to find.

Especially when you’re a part-time founder working weekends and bootstrapping your startup. Unless you’ve raised…

How to build the future

A title with text “Zero to One — Preface,” doodles of a VR headset, a smartphone, and a laptop, and an image of Peter Thiel.

Every moment in business happens only once.

The next Bill Gates won’t build an operating system.

The next Larry Page or Sergei Brin won’t build a search engine.

The next Mark Zuckerberg won’t create a social network.

What does this mean? And why does Thiel start off Zero to One…

An unsolved rubiks cube
An unsolved rubiks cube

It’s 10:15 pm. I’m listening to tunes from MusicBed. It’s better than Epidemic Sound, which used to be my old music service for finding background music for my YouTube videos. …

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I write for lonely creators - people like myself who are trying to create something of their own and feel isolated in the process.

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